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Success Story #17 - Nicomatic & Tornos

NICOMATIC: bringing value to the customer

Nicomatic is a renowned French manufacturer in the high-end connectors and micro connector sectors. Its head office is based in Bons-en-Chablais, Haute-Savoie. The family-owned international group has spent more than 45 years developing and manufacturing innovative interconnector solutions for the aerospace, defence, medical and manufacturing industries.

Success Story #18 - Challamel & Tornos

Challamel Hervé: Speed, reliability and precision

Challamel Hervé is a small and extremely dynamic company located in Cluses, Haute-Savoie. Its credo is simple: It relies above all on efficiency and an irreproachable quality of execution of various machined parts. No customer return has been recorded in recent years in this company.

Success Story #15 - Herbrig & Tornos

Herbrig & Co GmbH in Bärenstein is a traditional business in the valley of Müglitztal. Back in 1956, Egon Herbrig founded a precision engineering workshop. Since being re-established in 1990, the company has specialised in series production of precision turned parts, precision assemblies and tools. Despite the rapid growth, Herbrig has remained a family company in the best Saxony tradition and has been exemplary in its support for the region and training young people.

Success Story #14 - Cyberis & Tornos

Cyberis SA, a family business par excellence located in Bassecourt in the heart of the Swiss Jura, has been a leader in the manufacture of microcomponents for the high-end watchmaking market for over 20 years. Since its beginnings in 1991, Cyberis has opted for a fleet of Tornos machines, tailor-made solutions that allow flexibility and efficiency.

Success Story #13 - Paulme & Tornos

A few years ago, the company was looking to replace its fleet of 10 cam-type machines working in crowns; these machines made it possible to produce small axes of high quality and at high speed. In order to remain competitive, however, a fast machine with a very favorable price/performance ratio was needed. In the end, the CT 20 fulfilled this task, which is exceptional for a simple turning machine.

Success Story #11 - Record & Tornos

Drawing on extensive expertise gained over many years, RECORD SPA constantly creates new opportunities. It aims to continually expand its range, from tyre valves to industrial valves.

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Success Story #10 - Cmatic & Tornos

Cmatic, based in the Italian commune of Giussano (MB), in Brianza at the foot of the Alps, specialises in the production of pneumatic connectors and it has been a market leader since 1979.

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Success Story #9 - Laubscher & Tornos

In the village of Täuffelen, there is a screw-cutting company named Laubscher Laubscher Präzision.

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Success Story #8 - Azurea & Tornos

Like Tornos, the Azurea Group has a long tradition and over 100 years of experience.

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Success Story #7 - MGB & Tornos

MGB, an innovative company, is active in the connectivity sector.

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Success Story #6 - Monnin & Tornos

Located in Sonceboz, Switzerland, Monnin SA is a company specialized in screw-cutting for the watchmaking industry.

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Success Story #5 - Bouverat Pernat & Tornos

Bouverat Pernat is a family-owned business located in Haute-Savoie.

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Success Story #4 - Microdec & Tornos

Microdec SA is a company specialised in precision turning, located in the canton of Jura.

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Success Story #3 - Gloor & Tornos

Gloor Brothers Ltd is an owner-managed family business based in Burgdorf, Switzerland.

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Success Story #2 - Redel & Tornos

This Sainte-Croix-based company specializes in the manufacture of connectors, some of which are made on MultiSwiss.

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Success story #1 - TFT Formation in Franche-Comté & Tornos

Tornos visits TFT Formation in Franche-Comté.

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