Moutier, 16/08/2019

Getting to grips with the realities of an industrial company during a technological challenge

Challenge accepted! About 40 students from Haute École Arc (HE-Arc) Neuchâtel will take up a real technological challenge next Monday in Moutier. For the second time, instructors at this university of applied sciences in the Jura region asked Tornos to allow their students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice in the field. Participants’ initiative, creativity, boldness, inventiveness team spirit and group dynamics will be put to the test and evaluated, and the top three teams will take home a cash prize on Monday, August 26, after the jury has deliberated.

In the favorable environment of the i-moutier incubator, around 40 HE-Arc students from the Industrial Design Engineering (mechanics and design) course will tackle a new technological challenge for the second time. This year, participants will be presented with three problems related to human-machine interaction. The specific topics, which will not be revealed before the competition begins, will cover the programming, operation and maintenance of the machines and what these challenges may look like in the near future.

After an introduction to Tornos, the challenge will get underway. Once the challenge has been launched, they will move into the i-moutier incubator, where they will literally face the issues that Tornos engineers confront on a daily basis. Participants, drawing on a variety of sources and with inspiration from various industries, must devise reliable, scalable and universal solutions.

Following full immersion in the event on Monday, August 19, and Tuesday, August 20, students will have a week to develop their ideas and work on their projects in their own premises before returning to the i-moutier incubator on August 26 to present their work to a jury. After deliberation, will present its evaluations and name the top three teams. Tornos will then study the top teams’ solutions with an eye to whether they can bring real added value to the company.

The i-moutier incubator, situated in the heart of the microtechnology market, is the ideal venue for this technological challenge, which gives young people the opportunity to work on concrete projects for industries in the Jura region.