Moutier, 21/06/2017

Handover of the 200th MultiSwiss to Berger Feintechnik

With the development of the new MultiSwiss, Tornos scored a big hit. After a short time, the 200th machine of this type could already be delivered. In the course of a ceremony, the machine was handed over to Herbert Maurer, the Ummendorf plant manager, in the presence of Tornos' CEO Michael Hauser.

The rise of the company Berger to become one of the world's largest enterprises in the field of high-precision turning is closely related to the company Tornos. Both companies share extremely high quality standards, and Berger is constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology to be able to produce turned parts with maximum precision at reasonable cost.

For an order that had been placed by a leading OEM regarding the delivery of the global demand for a key component of an advanced direct fuel injection system amounting to a total volume of 16 million parts, Berger ordered fourteen MultiSwiss machines in one fell swoop. For the persons in charge at Berger, this machine seemed to be the most appropriate machine to achieve stable processes. In their view, it is currently the most precise lathe being able to produce such lot sizes.

All MultiSwiss machines are equipped with independent spindles that are supported by hydrostatic bearings. Additional Y axes enable workpieces to be machined that are difficult to realize on conventional multi-spindle lathes. At each machining position, the spindle speed and the machining conditions can be exactly set. Thanks to the excellent accessibility, the operator literally 'enters' the machine and can conveniently change the tool holders without having to 'break his back' as it is required for conventionally designed machines. With its most easy access, this ergonomic working area, which is larger than on virtually any other machine, offers substantial economic advantages. Thanks to this concept, the MultiSwiss can be set up just as conveniently as a single-spindle lathe. The sole difference is the number of collets that have to be replaced. Furthermore, chip removal is outstanding which also applies when the machine is completely equipped with complex tool holders. Each spindle has its own C axis. The spindles supported by hydrostatic bearings and the floating support of the headstock in the machine provide excellent damping characteristics that enhance surface finish and increase tool life, especially when machining tough materials. For multi-spindle lathes, the productivity is continuously gaining importance because every second counts. The torque-motor technology enables drum indexing times of 0.4 seconds and therefore ideally correlates with this pursuit of efficiency. Optional equipment such as oil mist separator, chip conveyor, fire extinguishing system and high-pressure pumps is harmoniously embedded in the machine. This integration of all peripherals, which has already been taken into account at the time of machine development, provides a small footprint which means a MultiSwiss machine will find its place in every workshop. Thanks to this system management, the machine is extremely compact.