Moutier, 01/10/2018

IMTS and AMB: Tornos was very successful at two major international exhibitions in September

Active in Chicago for the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2018) and in Stuttgart at the AMB, Tornos last month presented solutions resolutely turned toward the future. Tornos’ MultiSwiss machines still attract great interest and the latest addition—the SwissNano 7—fans all the flames.

IMTS is unquestionably the largest manufacturing technology exhibition in North America. Its German counterpart, AMB, has the first position on the European list. As an exhibitor at the two events, Tornos went to meet its audience of both existing and potential customers. In fact, 40 percent of guests at both trade fairs are new customers.

Ultimate precision, amazing performance

Among the six machines presented at the AMB, Tornos attracted a lot of interest thanks to its latest addition, the very high-performance SwissNano 7, a machine characterized by its extreme precision. Manufacturers of extremely small parts already had full confidence in the SwissNano 4 for, among other things, the production of watchmaking components and dental equipment. Since its 2013 launch, other sectors such as automotive have taken interest in the SwissNano. The SwissNano 7 boasts greater capacity while maintaining the stability and precision characteristic of the range. The future of this machine is very promising.

The most compact and affordable multispindle solution

Visitors to Tornos’ AMB 2018 booth also discovered two other all-stars: the MultiSwiss 6x16 with its modern design, and the MultiSwiss 8x26, which has met with worldwide success in a variety of industrial segments due to its power, accuracy and productivity. The MultiSwiss range has reached a new level of performance, in terms of both complexity and productivity. Recognized for their success-driving qualities, these machines continue to empower manufacturers and pique their interest.

SwissDECO arouses strong interests

Representing Tornos’ vision of the future of bar turning, the new SwissDECO enables economic production of complex parts and has already attracted the interest of specialists. One hundred percent connected and Industry 4.0 ready, the SwissDECO platform enables high productivity and exceptional quality for the production of complex parts in a wide array of growing industrial sectors, including automotive, medical and dental, electronics and aeronautics.

Your turnkey software for tomorrow’s industry

In constant evolution, Tornos’ TISIS software also played a major role at the two international exhibitions. This software greatly simplifies programming and is continuously developing based on user feedback. TISIS puts Tornos—just like its customers—at the forefront of Industry 4.0. Introduced on the SwissDECO in preview, TISIS optimove autonomously precalculates the ideal tool path in order to optimize cycle time. optimizes tool movements in order to reduce cycle time and tool trajectory of the tool while eliminating unnecessary acceleration. The results are increased productivity, lower energy consumption and less machine wear. TISIS offers substantial savings by fully exploiting the machine’s potential.

Fresh from these most recent successes, Tornos will honor all orders placed with affinity for detail and passion for a job well done. Each solution is tailor-made for the customer and his specific needs. Tornos continues to evolve and develop to offer even more flexibility, precision and productivity.