Moutier, 01/07/2019

New perspectives on mobility

The Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (IMC) 2019 at Rottweil's Kraftwerk kept all its promises. An impressive panel of experts spoke about what mobility might be in the future, and how the industry can cope with the challenges ahead. Organized by Swiss machine tool manufacturer Tornos, the event was a great success, and the many participants appreciated both the experts’ presentations and the fruitful related exchanges.

The 150 people present at the IMC 2019 did not regret having taken a ticket for the mobility of tomorrow. Thanks to the experts’ present, they were able, in four well-conducted presentations, to benefit from several years of mobility-related research concentrated in the one-day event. Following the presentations, a panel discussion - guided by journalist and digital economist Katrin-Cécile Ziegler - provided constructive insights into the various points of view and culminated a rich and well-rounded morning.

How will we move in the future? Are current means of transport obsolete? Should we give up some fuels, such as diesel, which some consider toxic?

Does new mobility need new suppliers?

Opening the conference with the latest mobility trends was Dr. Rolf Bulander, an ex-member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH, where he was responsible for the division Mobility Solutions. There is not just one mobility trend of the future, but several, and they are influenced by the consumer. This was among the important topics discussed at the IMC 2019.

Use existing competences in electric mobility

M. Sc. Janna Hofmann was the second expert to address the topic of Mobility of the Future at the IMC 2019. She works at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where she supports companies with the Fit4E project in the development of methods and approaches. She emphasized the challenges of change and how teams can use existing competences to manage the new requirements together within their companies.

Take advantage of the pressure of the market

The third presentation of the day by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Schmalzried met with great interest from the participants in Tornos’ IMC 2019 on Thursday morning.

Through his smart approach, the participants learned that the internal combustion engine is far from history. Due to growth in markets outside the European Union and the United States, the peak is expected by 2030. Increasing performance and cost-effectiveness through adapted production processes must increase, Siegfried Schmalzried says, and being more efficient is the goal!

A factual assessment of diesel technology

Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Thomas Koch was the fourth speaker on the podium. His approach, based on the past, has shown that diesel is not as devilish as some people think. Thomas Koch is Head of the Institute for Piston Machines at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In his view, one can solve the exhaust problem technically. Air improvement is an important topic in Germany. The internal combustion engine is better than its reputation. And electric mobility? It is currently not the best solution for him, because it is just too expensive, he says.

Engaging Roundtables sessions

The afternoon segment of the IMC 2019 was largely devoted to Roundtable sessions bringing together the event partners. Among them were GRASSINGER, GÖLTENBODT, SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH, SCHLENKER, WALTER and TORNOS.

Each of these partners presented specific products and solutions during the day of mobility, giving participants the opportunity to ask questions and discuss production topics during these sessions and at the dedicated exhibition area.

A unique experience

As another IMC 2019 highlight, Tornos CEO Michael Hauser emphasized the German market’s importance to the machine tool industry. Case in point: Tornos recently acquired land in Pforzheim and will soon begin construction of its new Customer Center. This is a clear sign of the Tornos’ desire to assert its presence on this territory.

A spectacular day in every way

The day ended as it began, with rappers Toba & Pheel who, with rhythm and humor, reviewed the different key stages of the IMC 2019. Their performance was praised for its finesse, wit and skill.

Every participant, presenter and partner made the IMC 2019 event to remember, including Tornos’ IMC 2019 partner mav (Innovation in der spanenden Fertigung), a German industry asset, and the Kraftwerk, which offers a breathtaking setting for such events.

Each participant left the IMC 2019 with a different, richer, more varied expertise in the mobility of tomorrow. The day also provided, in addition to the workshops and exhibitions presented, important networking opportunities between industry and interested parties.

Tornos is delighted to have given everyone present a glimpse of what tomorrow will bring in terms of mobility. More than a risk, the changes ahead are an opportunity for the machine tool industry to stand out and innovate. As a pioneer of turning technology and a source of strength to automotive industry original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) and suppliers, Tornos will have an important role to play.

The IMC 2019 took place in front of an attentive audience in a breathtaking setting.