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Tornos customer support US

Our customer service aim is to continuously solidify customer relationships with outstanding responsiveness and expertise. Tornos is proud to announce the launch of several new customer support programs backed by a top-notch team of service and applications specialists in the U.S to help us achieve this goal. These programs are designed to ensure that Tornos is the number one choice, not only in Swiss quality turning centers, but also in customer support.

Our new Midwest Center of Excellence (opening April 2007), combined with our East Coast Center of Excellence, will help us to deliver a higher level of service to all four corners of North America -- better availability and efficiency.

New service rates

Increase your uptime, productivity, machine life and part quality

To keep your original Swiss turning center in optimum condition — and for budgeting planned intervention, ask about preventive maintenance contracts from Tornos. When you purchase one of our plans, a factory-trained service technician will perform comprehensive checks at pre-determined intervals:

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