Tornos US Spare Parts

For every application there's a Tornos machine in our growing family. For every Tornos, there’s a set of spare parts in our US inventory. 

It’s true – we have a set of warranty and spare parts on our shelves waiting for you at all times. This little peace of mind is just one benefit of the New Tornos.

Over the past three years, Tornos US has placed great emphasis on developing new systems, networks, and tools to provide better service and support to our customers across the Americas. It’s all part of our 100% customer satisfaction program.

So, check out the complete line of Tornos machines – from our famous Decos, EvoDECO, to our Multispindle. All come with 50-year build quality, Swiss precision, world-class local service, and a set of inventoried spares to keep you running nonstop.

Parts Department Statistics  

  • We consistently maintain $4,000,000 inventory of spare and wear parts in our centrally-located US headquarters.
  • Available for Swiss Type and Multispindle
  • We have more than 22,000 individual items in stock and waiting for you.
  • 90% of all customer parts orders are delivered within 2 days.
  • And…coming soon: a powerful online parts ordering system! Enter your serial number and see a list, photos and drawings of all the parts on your machine (including installed options). Simply select the parts you need, drop them in your shopping cart, and place your order!

Need a spare?

Contact us at : +1 (877) TORNOS1 or Customerservice.US [at]