Preventive maintenance

Increase your uptime, productivity, machine life and part quality

To keep your original Swiss turning center in optimum condition — and for budgeting planned intervention, ask about preventive maintenance contracts from Tornos. When you purchase one of our plans, a factory-trained service technician will perform comprehensive checks at pre-determined intervals.

Example checklist :

  • Replace main and counter operation drive belts.
  • Check and adjust or replace spindle belts as necessary.
  • Lubricate elements according to service manual.
  • Check and replace relays as necessary.
  • Replace batteries for amplifier and numerical control.
  • Replace air filter and pressure reducer filter.
  • Check and replenish oil level in spindle/counter spindle.
  • Check status/version of software; update if necessary.
  • Check fans.
  • Check safety switches.
  • Check and adjust alignment of all axes.